By LiveTalk On Oct 1, 2019

Phone chat lines are a great way to meet your soulmate. It’s a way of dating that starts with talking, personality, and getting to know another person. It’s great for all kinds of people, including people who might be a little bit shy because it provides a safe way to meet and chat with new people! Often, people are looking for tips on what to do to make it the best dating experience possible, but what they seem to forget about is that there are also things that people should not do in order to make chat lines work in their best interest. These things can be easily overlooked, but they are actually very important to ensure safety and the best possible experience. Check out our list of 5 things that you should not do on a chat line. 


1. Move too quickly 

Often, chat lines are used by people who are over the tedious nature of the in-person or app dating scene. That can create an environment in which people like to move pretty quickly on chat lines. We urge you to take things at a slow pace and to be aware of how fast things are moving. We want to remind you to stay alert because it is so easy to get lost in the romance or heat of the chat line situation. The ease of a chat line is one of the best features of a chat line; however there are times when it moves too fast for people to be comfortable, actually get to know each other, and remain safe. So, move at your own pace or slower and keep yourself alert for things that feel too speedy or a little off. 


2. Give out personal information

Similar to online dating, not everyone on a chat line is incredibly honest. It can be easy to fall into a nice conversation and think that you might be able to trust the person on the other end of the line, but you never really know. For that reason, never share your personal details. You’ll need to use your personal discretion when it comes to sharing social media (as that’s a fairly common thing that people do when they are flirting); however, your last name, phone number, address, bank account information, etc. should be kept to yourself. If you believe anyone is trying to get this information out of you, take pause. That is very suspicious and should not be a part of the process. Only when you feel 100% comfortable with the other person (after multiple phone dates) should you provide your personal phone number for texting and calls. 


3. Let someone make you feel uncomfortable

With chat lines, you must always remember that you have completely control of the conversation. If someone is making you feel any negative feeling, you can simply end the call without explanation. You never need to explain yourself to someone who isn’t’t making you feel good. Whether it’s verbal abuse, sexual harassment, or any other form of harassment, you should never allow yourself to be made to feel that way. Chat lines are great because they allow an easy escape from these toxic situations. So, never be afraid to cut someone off. That is your right on a chat line. 


4. Carelessly agree to meet in person

Meeting in person is when chat lines are taken to the next level. Of course, you may be looking for love or for a fling, which would make it very plausible that you’d be eager to meet in person. However, there are several things to keep in mind before you do. You must always trust your gut, no matter what. If you feel like the situation is moving too fast, make that clear. Anyone worth meeting in person will not push you to do anything you don’t want to do. Additionally, do not agree to meet up in a private space before meeting in public first. If someone asks you to meet them in a hotel room, you must understand that there are many risks that you would be facing, and you need to value your safety above all else. 


5. Send your chat line partner nudes

Chat lines often move pretty fast. They can go from the chat line to the cell phones in an instant, which isn’t always smart in the first place. However, usually the goal of moving it to the cell phone that quickly is to begin sexting. While we encourage any form and type of consensual sex, we urge you to be extremely cautious if you decide you want to send someone nudes. Really, the safest way to send nudes would be to send them to someone who you absolutely trust. And, even then, it can prove dangerous. Keeping that in mind, don’t sext anyone you have yet to actually meet in person. Don’t do it too soon, and if you do decide to send a nude, make sure you trust that person with your life. Exchanged images in today’s world last forever. 

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