about livetalk

LiveTalk is your one and only platform to find the love of your life in Charlotte. We know how hard it can be to find love, but we’ve created the perfect place for you to find your true soulmate. LiveTalk is full of sexy Charlotte locals who are waiting to hear from YOU! We’re so sure you’ll love it that we’re offering you a FREE TRIAL. 

Why does Charlotte love LiveTalk? It’s all about the amazing MEMBERS! LiveTalk members are the sexiest, most genuine singles in Charlotte who are seeking true love. Start chatting right now for free!


  • Genuine group of real, live singles to talk to.
  • Match with kinky users looking to discuss your wildest desires OR singles looking for a
    real partner!
  • Match with people in your area so that it’s easy to link up!
  • Discreet and secure, no personal information asked or shared!
  • You can test it out for free!


  • LiveTalk is incredibly safe, discreet, and fun!
  • LiveTalk has the largest pool of Charlotteans looking for love
  • Like minded users are waiting to hear about your kinkiest fantasies. Talk about whatever is on your mind!
  • Meet people instantly by trying our FREE TRIAL!

How to use

LiveTalk is the coolest way to meet the love of your life in Charlotte right now for FREE. If you aren’t on LiveTalk, you are missing out on the chance to chat with the one. And, it’s so easy to use!

step 1

Dial the Charlotte LiveTalk phone number

step 2

Create a sexy greeting for other users to listen to

step 3

Check out seductive and sweet greetings from other members

step 4

Find your soulmate!


You can try LiveTalk right this very second, for FREE!

LiveTalk is the ultimate spot for singles in Charlotte to finally meet each other. All the LiveTalk members are truly looking for love, so you know you won’t be wasting any of your time.

We’re committed to helping you find the one, so we never use paid operators. Ever. All LiveTalk members are completely real and dying to talk to you right now! We’re confident that you’ll become instantly obsessed, which is why we are offering you a FREE trial. Call 1-800-444-LIVE!

Pick up the phone, dial 1-800-444-LIVE, and chat right now for FREE. 



  • 01 24/7 Access to Charlotte’s sexiest singles
  • 02 Priority matching! Your greeting will be shot to the top of the list, allowing as many users to listen to it as possible (increasing your chances to find love)
  • 03 All day, every day customer service. Talk to us! We are here to help.
  • 04 No ads! Flirt with singles without listening to any ads!


asked questions

What is LiveTalk?

LiveTalk is your ticket for finding love in Charlotte. It’s completely safe, totally fun, and has a high success rate. If you want to find your special someone, LiveTalk is the best place to start!

Is LiveTalk safe?

LiveTalk is the safest chat line you’ll find to meet Charlotte singles. We promise absolute discretion, we will never share any of your personal information, and we offer 24/7 customer support!

How old do you have to be to call in?

Members of LiveTalk must be 18 years or older.

How can I get started?

It’s almost too easy. All you need is a phone. Use your home phone or cell to call the exclusive Charlotte number, create your personal greeting, browse other users and their greetings, and get your flirt on! We know you’ll find the one, so try it right now for FREE!

What are LiveTalk users like?

People love LiveTalk because of our amazing members. LiveTalk members are singles in Charlotte who are seeking a genuine connection right now. Nobody is here to waste any time, and everyone is looking for love.

Does LiveTalk use operators who are paid to chat with clients?

LiveTalk is devoted to finding you love. That’s why we’d never ever use paid operators as it would destroy our integrity, which we take very seriously. In fact, our goal is to get you off of LiveTalk by connecting you with your soulmate! On LiveTalk, you’ll know that you are always talking to a real, live person who is interested in learning about you and falling in love.