about livetalk

Finding your soulmate is not easy these days. Luckily, you’ve got LiveTalk! 

What is LiveTalk?

LiveTalk is the best way to find live in Phoenix. It’s a fun and safe chat line where local singles come to find a genuine connection and meet their soulmates. Yours is on the line waiting for your call right now! 

And, you can try it for FREE! We are offering Phoenix a special FREE TRIAL because we know that once you check it out and meet the amazing sexy members, you won’t want to stop!



  • Large number of sexy members who are available 24/7
  • Everyone is so easy to talk to about anything! Even your fantasies!
  • LiveTalk is totally safe
  • You don’t have to wait! Try it right now, for FREE!


  • Genuine group of real, live singles to talk to.
  • Match with kinky users looking to discuss your wildest desires OR singles looking for a
    real partner!
  • Match with people in your area so that it’s easy to link up!
  • Discreet and secure, no personal information asked or shared!
  • You can test it out for free!

How to use

If you are trying to find your soulmate in Phoenix fast, you’ve come to the right place. Try LiveTalk right now at NO COST! Don’t miss your chance at finding the one!

step 1

Call the LiveTalk Phoenix phone number

step 2

Record a greeting that shows off your personality!

step 3

Listen to other greetings until you find one you like

step 4

Flirt, find your soulmate, and fall in love!


Don’t wait another minute! Try LiveTalk right now, for FREE using our exclusive FREE TRIAL offered to Phoenix members!

LiveTalk is instant, fun, and so easy. Check it out for FREE by picking up your phone, dialing the unique Phoenix number 1-800-444-LIVE and finding your soulmate!

Call 1-800-444-LIVE right now!



  • 01 24/7 access to Phoenix’s hottest local singles!
  • 02 Push your greeting to the most amount of members possible, increasing your chances at finding your soulmate. 
  • 03 Completely Ad-Free browsing
  • 04 Customer Support available any and all times!


asked questions

What is LiveTalk?

People who are looking for true love in Phoenix use Livetalk because it works. It’s the best, safest, most fun chat line where you can find the person you’ve been looking for all of your life.

Is LiveTalk safe?

Yes! You’ll feel so safe using LiveTalk. Not only is customer service available 24/7, but we also promise to never share any private information and allow you to remain discreet!

How old do you have to be to call in?

LiveTalk members must be at least 18 years old.

How can I get started?

It’s easy! Grab your cell or home phone, record a unique greeting, flirt and find the one! Want to try it right now for FREE? Test out LiveTalk by using your 100%-FREE trial!

What are they like?

People have found a huge success rate on LiveTalk because we have the best group of Phoenix members. They are sweet, genuine, and so sexy!

Does LiveTalk use operators who are paid to chat with clients?

We’d never ever use paid operators. Honestly, most chat lines do use paid operators. But, at LiveTalk, we have an awesome reputation that we’d never want to compromise. More than that, we want you to find love, not waste your precious time with operators!