By LiveTalk On Sep 11, 2019

In the year 2019, people are talking less and less. Think about it! Most people get information across by posting on social media, or sending a text. We’ve kind of forgotten how to really communicate! And, on a chat line, communication is key. There’s a way to convey your true message while on the phone, and many people have forgotten how to do that with their actual speaking voices! If that sounds like you, you need not worry. It’s ok to have to back peddle a bit and remind yourself of the kind of etiquette that is expected when chatting over the phone with someone for the first time, especially with a chat line partner. 


Make sure you’re in the mood to chat

Due to our collective short attention span, people use chatting on the phone as a way to multi task. However, when using a chat line, your match will easily be able to tell if you aren’t totally engaged. So, before you call into a chat line, make sure you are willing and able to give your match 100%! Nothing is more annoying than repeating yourself on a chat line when you know the other person is not interested. If you want to increase your chances of meeting your soulmate, you’ll need to clear your schedule for some quality phone dating time! 


Say hi!

Ok, this might sound completely obvious, but you’d be surprised as to how many people awkwardly jump right into a conversation without taking a moment to say hello! And, although it’s not as simple as actually just saying the world, “hello,” it’s not rocket science either. Usually a “hello” is accompanied with a bit of small talk and an introduction!


Introduce yourself

Usually, a good introduction when meeting someone on the phone for the first time includes 3 parts: A verbal salutation, an introduction of one’s name and why he/she is calling, and finally a small-talk type question. Here’s a great example, “Hey there! My name is Jamie, I really loved your recorded greeting. How are you doing this evening?” Bam! In that very simple ‘hello’ and introduction, Jamie has come off as sweet, polite, respectful, and confident! It should also lend itself to a very healthy dialog. And, if your new chat line match is good at speaking on the phone, he/she will introduce himself/herself in the same way. 


Don’t use speakerphone

Using speakerphone on a chat line date really isn’t a good idea. For one, it’s usually way less easy to hear someone when they are using speakerphone. More than that, it might make the person on the other end of the line feel paranoid that the chat line date is not just between you and your match. He/she may fear that other people are listening in. Starting out on a paranoid food certainly is not conducive to a great chat line relationship! If you must use speakerphone because perhaps you chat line date when you are driving to or from work, at least let the other person know that you are putting him/her on speaker, but that you are alone! 


Ask questions and pay attention to the answers! 

This is conversation 101. A healthy dialogue between two chat line partners is one that involves a lot of questions. Why? For one, you’ll want to get to know this person, who would otherwise be a stranger without the help of a chat line, and questions are the best way to figure out who he/she is! More than that, you want to show your chat line dating partner that you want to get to know him/her. Once you ask the questions, pay attention to his/her answers. Make him/her feel listened to, respond to specific parts of his/her answer, and keep the conversation moving in a positive direction! Asking the same question twice or forgetting a chat line partner’s answer will illuminate qualities in you that are not so attractive, so please pay attention to what your chat line partner is saying!


Don’t be too crass

When chatting with old friends, it can be easy to swear, bash things, and even slide in some very sexual innuendo. While you want to show your true colors to someone you’d eventually be dating, you might not want to deep dive into the profanity right off the bat. Steer clear of the F bombs and offensive jokes. Rather than being funny, as your friends probably think you are (that’s why you’re friends), it might offend the person on the other end of the line and push him/her away before he/she gets a chance to know where you are coming from. We’re not saying you should hide your raunchy side forever, but give your phone dating partner some time to learn what a twisted f*ing pervert you are rather than giving away the whole hand at the start of the relationship! 


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