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If you’ve been dating your chat line partner for a while, you might be feeling the desire to be with him/her physically. Sex is an important part of the relationship, and when you and your partner are ready to have it, it’ll be magical. Until then, it’s ok to keep things sexy over the phone. However, not all people are comfortable with phone sex or conversation about sex in any way, shape, or form. There are many reasons for this but among those are the fact that he/she is not a very sexual person, that he/she has trauma related to sex, that he/she is easily embarassed by sexual conversation, that he/she is never in the mood, etc. The list goes on and on as to why people hesitate to bring up sex while navigating a chat line realtionship. You might find yourself wanting to talk about it in an sexy, and not pragmatic, way, while you find that your partner refutes all of your sexy talk over the phone. Don’t take this to be a personal thing. Refer to the aforementioned reasons as to why this may be happening! The most obvious reason is that your partner feels awkward about talking about it over the phone. But, maybe your partner feels awkward about it because it’s hard to jump into a conversation like that without any pretense. Even for people who enjoy talking about sex openly, starting a sexy conversation is not easy! Why is it so hard? For one, it can feel embarrassing, but it also to do with a lack of build up. Build up to sensual talk within a conversation is something that you’ll want to happen naturally. That being said, there are some subliminal ways to push it in the right direction! We’ve come up with some things that you can do to secretly direct your phone dating partner into whispering sweet nothings over the line!


Light some candles

Ok, don’t roll your eyes. You’re probably thinking, how is lighting candles going to help when we’re flirting over the phone can’t even see the candles?! We’re with you; however, the candles are not for your chat line partner. They are for you! Studies suggest that sexuality is best expressed in a sensual setting. Candlelight is one of those things that puts the mind at ease and relaxes the nerves. If you set yourself up with some candles before you make your call to your phone dating partner, it will naturally put you in a sexy mindset. That mindset will translate, whether intentional or not, over the phone to your dating partner. You can even tell him/her that you’re relaxing in bed with the candles lit while you talk. Allowing him/her to imagine that will also add some spark. 


Ask about his/her ‘first time’

If your phone dating partner does not know how to get sexy over the phone, you can start with a lighthearted softball question to open up the sexual conversation. It’s innocent because discussing your ‘first time’ lends itself more to humor than it does actual raunchiness. However, it will plant the seed of sex into the mind of your chat line partner, which will make way for a sexy conversation after the laughs have beed had. 


Read erotica before the conversation

This is another way to mentally get yourself in the mood to make a sexy phone call. Reading some good erotica will give you all those tingly feelings. It’ll most likely make you feel very horny, which is often translated in the voice. When women are feeling aroused in a sexual way, their voice becomes breathy due to the attempt to calm the arousal. Again, this will subliminally translate to your dating partner.


Miss the first call because you were “in the shower”

This one is a classic. If you and your phone dating partner have a call set up, accidentally miss the call on purpose. What do we mean? Let that first call go to voicemail. Soon after (very soon after, don’t be rude), you can call your phone dating partner back and apologize for missing the call. Tell him/her that you missed it because you were taking a shower. This innocently places the image of your wet, naked body into the mind of your chat line partner without explicitly jumping into a conversation about your wet, naked body!  


Tell him/her, pseudo-sheepishly, that you had a naughty dream about him/her

This is another old trick that works. When people have dreams about one another, naughty or otherwise, there’s usually a strong urge to tell the other person! Dreams are so curious and strange with figures popping in and out, most people want to know about their role in your dream! Due to this universal fascination with dreams, bringing up your ‘naughty’ dream about your chat line partner is going to seem very innocent, especially if you pair it with some sheepish giggles. 


Call in the nude

Similar to reading erotica, getting nude before the phone call is going to get your vulnerable sexiness flowing. You don’t have to tell your partner that you are calling in your birthday suit. Your general vibe will push the conversation into a sexy direction by naturally sedating your tone and making you feel sexy!

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